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Because the study of politics is at its core the study of people, every issue of BPR offers a section devoted to interviews, to conversations with the people we hear about, the public figures we read about, and the thought leaders we think about. As you will learn on this board, interviews are more an art than a science. For this reason, we are looking for applicants who are willing to push boundaries and explore their creative faculties through the medium of the interview.

As a member, you will cultivate skills in research, conversation, and maintaining grace under pressure. Ideal candidates should possess strong conversational and interpersonal skills, as well as be able to keep composure and improvise in the presence of public figures. They must also have the editorial skills necessary to successfully produce publishable interviews. Foremost, however, candidates should be thoughtful. They should have an interesting, distinct worldview that they want to translate into our publication through the individuals they interview.

We encourage you to take a look at some of our content (http://www.brownpoliticalreview.org/category/interviews/) to get a better idea of what our team has done in the past. In addition, here is an example of an interview published in the magazine: https://issuu.com/brownpoliticalreview/docs/bpr_fall2018_issue2_final/14.

Please contact our Interviews Board Directors, Jack Doughty '22 (jack-thomas_doughty@brown.edu) and Glenn Yu '20 (glenn_yu@brown.edu) if you have any questions or concerns whatsoever! For any general questions, you may also reach out to info@brownpoliticalreview.org.

Weekly or bi-weekly meeting dates will be decided once the semester begins. It's important to us that you be able to attend these meetings -- not because we are trying to be annoying, but because Interviews Board is a commitment and the deadlines are constant.


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