MockDocs Application was founded by medical students at the Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2018. We feel that student collaboration is important for fostering a supporting and successful environment during medical school. We learned that our success was not dependent on the failure of others. Our site contains numerous resources made by medical students including a student made question bank, video lectures, an Anki-how to, and digital white boards.

The student made question bank is one of the most valuable resources on this site. It consists of over 2700 FREE questions (as a reference, this is more questions that what UWorld's $800 question bank provides). Practice questions can allow for a deeper understanding of difficult concepts and help you to prepare for exams. Additionally, taking practice exams is a great way to see if and where a student may have a gap in their knowledge base. Thus, student made practice exams not only help the student volunteers making the questions, but they are also an important resource for peers to test their knowledge before high stakes exams.

We are looking for students that are passionate about education and helping their peers. MockDocs has a long way to go before it's up to par! And we need your help in order to get it there. Don't pass up on this extremely unique opportunity to be involved.

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