Momtography® Licensing Application
Thank you SO MUCH for your interest in the Momtography™ training and licensing program.

The next cohort begins in January 2018 and I only take on a limited number of women to work with for each one. This form will allow me to get to know you better and is NOT an offer from me or a commitment on your part to sign up.

All applicants will get a reply and if we feel you are a good fit, our community manager Jen will be in touch to schedule a phone interview for you and Beryl. At that time you'll hear more about the program, price, and commitment.

If you have ANY questions feel free to email:

Looking forward to learning more about YOU!

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What's your WHY? Why do you want to teach Momtography™? What sparked your interest in this training program? *
Tell me about your photography journey. What kind of camera do you use? Do you fully shoot in manual mode? How did you learn? *
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If selected as a Momtography™ teacher, what ideas do you have for marketing your class? How might you spread the word? *
Pretend it's the end of your first Momtography™ class. How would you want a mom who attends your class to feel about their photography and/or their life when class is over? *
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