Dominican Republic Go-Trip Application
Now accepting applications for 2019 Go-Trips!
Thank you for your interest in Highland Park's Go-Trips to the Dominican Republic. Our next trip departs soon! We'd love for you to play a role in the amazing work that God is doing in the Meso-American region. We believe this can and should be a transformational experience for all who have a hand in this effort. Please review the trip details and FAQ's below. We'd ask you to prayerfully consider this opportunity as it is one that requires a substantial commitment from participants. Once you have had an opportunity to review all of the information, please complete the application that follows.
Important Details
2019 Trip Dates: 7/6 - 7/13 and 10/12 - 10/19
Cost: $1,500 for adults, $1,000 for minors
Deposit Due Date: $500 - 60 days prior to departure
Balance Due Date: 30 days prior to departure
Activities: Light Construction, Community Outreach, Cross-Cultural Worship, Tourism Day
Pre/Post Field Training Obligations: Participants are required to attend four meetings meetings (3 before, 1 after).
Intro to the Center of Missionary Formation

Do I need a passport?
Yes. You will need a passport for travel to the D.R. We recommend initiating this process immediately to avoid processing delays.

Where will we be staying? What are the accommodations like?
Our team will be hosted by AJ & Chelsea Fry, volunteer missionaries in charge of the Center of Missionary Formation. Their home is located in the outskirts of Santo Domingo and is a 20 minute ride from the Seminary campus where we'll be working. It has separate living quarters for men and women with enough bunks to accommodate 15. There is air conditioning in the bedrooms, but not in the main living area. There is no wi-fi available, and electricity can be sporadic (though they do have generators for back up power). There are two restrooms with running water and hot water for showers.

Do I need vaccines?
The CDC does not require any vaccinations for travel to the D.R. It is recommended that you are up to date on your routine vaccinations, especially tetanus. Pregnant women should not travel to the D.R. due to the presence of Zika.

What is the climate like?
The D.R. has a tropical climate. For the most part you can expect temperatures in the upper 80's to lower 90's and high humidity. Proper hydration is vital during your stay.

Is it safe?
Travel.State.Gov currently lists the D.R. as having a Level 2 Travel Advisory which instructs U.S. citizens to "exercise increased caution". That stated, millions of people travel to the D.R. every year for tourism, which is the biggest part of their economy. We will always be together as a group, accompanied by the missionaries. The house we will be staying at is gated with a security wall. The seminary campus has the same security measures in place.

Are their age restrictions for participants?
We recommend that participants are at least 10 years old, although maturity is a bigger consideration. We will be working in an environment that does not provide many of the comforts we enjoy in the states. It is important that all team members will be a benefit and not a distraction to the group. There is no age limit to participation, though you must be in good health at the time of travel. You may be asked to provide a note from your physician.

What will we eat?
Breakfast is usually simple - cereal and fruit. Lunches will be packed each morning by the team and typically include either ham and cheese or pb&j sandwiches. Dinner will be prepared by hired cooks and consist of delicious traditional Dominican meals.

I have more questions! Who can I talk to?
No problem! Email or call Chris McArthur at or 863-412-8409

Ready to make a deposit?
A deposit is not necessary to complete an application, but if you are ready to make your trip deposit and would like the convenience of paying online, visit

If you'd rather submit a check to Highland Park Church, please do so with a Missions Donor Statement located here:

You can also share either link publicly with friends or family who may want to financially support your effort.

Be sure to return to this form to complete the application below!

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