NHS Hack Day London 27-28 May
After running 15 highly successful events over the last five years, we're trying something a bit different.

We're running a smaller event and trying out a system to help us to ensure a representative mixture of people, and to make sure that our weekend doesn't turn out to be e.g. 48 JS developers, one patient and one doctor, which is not our definition of multidisciplinary team.

Please fill in the form below to apply for a ticket, and we'll let you know about your place as soon as we can. Do give us as much detail as you're happy with, but be concise. We don't have specific criteria for offering places, and there are no answers that will immediately exclude you.

We promise to keep everything confidential.

If you have an opinion about the content of any of our questions, please do send an email to hackdays@openhealthcare.org.uk and tell us.

Lots of love,

The NHS Hack Day team
@drcjar, @thatdavidmiller, @DeckOfPandas and more

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