Production Volunteer Form
Production Volunteer Form
The information you provide on this form will assist in connecting you with ongoing events, projects, and productions at Brooklyn Free Speech. All contact information provided on this form is voluntary, and will be shared with other certified community producers. If you need assistance completing this form, please contact us at 718.683.5645.

Be an MVP... Volunteer!
Contact Information
Only provide the contact information you are most comfortable sharing.
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Production Interest and Availability
Provide information below to let other producers know what your interests are and when you are available to work on projects.
List professional skills or titles that you have acquired outside of Brooklyn Free Speech that may be helpful to other producers.
Example: Teacher, Radio personality, Photographer, Life Coach, Doctor, Musician, Screenwriter, Marketer.
Which days and times are you available to assist on productions and projects? *
Which types of programs are you interested in working on?
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Certification *
Only check off boxes for certification courses you have completed and are currently listed as active. If you have questions regarding certification please contact us at 718.683.5649.
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Are you interested in volunteering at Brooklyn Free Speech events? *
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