Expression of interest - VR Scoliosis Project
We are running an event called 'Virtual Reality rapid prototyping an accessible bag' at a number of events in 2018 and 2019 and are requiring volunteers who have noticable Scoliosis or other spinal disorders.

As part of the project we will meet with you to 3d scan your body and create a mannequine which will form the basis for a back plate which attaches to a backpack. You will need to wear active wear or simular form fitting clothing for us to accuratly gain a model of your body.

It is our hope that we have a number of events which will require a number of volunteers in 2019. We are hoping to organise an event where students, medical allied professionals and designers in the VR and 3d printing industries create a number of backpacks for volunteers.

- If you are under 18 you can only participate in the project if you gain permission and attend with a parent or guardian
- Your data will be retained only for the use in contacting you for this project and not shared with third parties.
- Your scan can and data can be deleted upon your request but we will ask for your permission to use the scan to present the project online.

More information on our project WIP page below

Any quesitons please email sean at

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Sample backplate designed in VR - Attaches to backpack compensating for back curves.
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