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Thank you for your interest in the HIT like a Girl podcast, featuring women who either work in health IT or have a relevant story worth sharing. We look forward to connecting with you!

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The Interview Flow:

Our goal is to record a friendly conversation that provides value to our listeners as well as to you, our guest, and your business. There are no negative surprise or trick questions, and we will work together to finalize an Episode Outline document where we will define the main topics or subject areas of the interview and the primary questions we will ask you. This process will minimize any surprises during our conversation and allow you to prepare for the questions ahead of time.

At the scheduled time of the conversation, we will begin with a brief pre-interview and sound check.

Please plan for a total of 45-60 minutes for the session.

After we record the conversation, we will process the raw recording, perform any edits, and produce the final podcast episode. We will let you know when the final episode is published, and we invite you to use and share the podcast episode as you desire (i.e. share it on your website and social media links).

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