ToshoCon 2017 Cosplay Runway Application
We welcome cosplayers 12-18 years old to walk the Cosplay Runway at the grand finale of ToshoCon 2017. The winner will receive a special photo shoot from a professional photographer.

Cosplay Runway rules:

1. Applications for the ToshoCon will be accepted online only. The deadline is 12:00 AM Friday, October 13.
2. Props presenting the possibility of damage to the health, well being, costumes of the other contestants, or the audience will not be allowed. Additionally, messy, wet, dry, or oily substances that might damage the costume of any other contestant will not be allowed on the runway. No item may be dropped on stage that can not be easily picked up or swept up by the stagehand before the next contestant goes on. No metal-bladed weapons, projectiles, or realistic prop guns allowed. Weapons may not be brandished or waved around.
3. Costumes must be appropriate for all ages.
4. No entirely commissioned or store-bought costumes allowed.

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