Indy Convergence Application 2018 - INDIANAPOLIS
Please complete this form and return it along with your resume, work sample and $20 non-refundable application fee by APRIL 30, 2018. Please email with application questions.
First... Some Definitions
It is important that you know the different elements of the Indy Convergence.
Umbrella Project
This is the only project in which all convergers participate. Each year we choose a director with a clear vision and project that will incorporate the various talents of every converger. All participants contribute to the creation of this wholly inclusive interdisciplinary work.
Side Project
These projects are usually genre specific, but we encourage applicants to think of ways to use artists from other backgrounds. The idea of a Side Project is to help the artist take an idea that needs help reaching the “next step”. Whatever your next step is, The Indy Convergence is designed to provide the artists, feedback and support for you to develop your work at a professional level.

It is important when creating your Side Project to keep in mind the time limitations for rehearsals. Each project should expect eight hours of rehearsal. Lighting and design needs will be discussed once you arrive in Indianapolis with our resident designer. Also, please note that you can present part or all of your project at the Open Lab Performance on the last day. This is our informal presentation of the work created during The Indy Convergence. Audience expectations are to see projects that are works in progress. Focus during the two week Convergence is on process not necessarily the product at the conclusion of the two weeks. We hope that what you learn and distill during the Indy Convergence will inform your work once you return home.

Every participant at the Indy Convergence teaches a workshop in their area of expertise. All participants are required to attend every workshop and encouraged to use the new skills and techniques in their Side Projects. We feel it is an artist’s responsibility to develop the ability to share their passion and craft with a wide range of people. If you are new to teaching we’ll gladly help you create a lesson plan before arriving at The Indy Convergence. Teach what you know best and love most about what you do in the arts. Just a few examples of past workshops include Theater Sustainability, Karate, Aerial Dance, Puppetry, Social Media for Non-Profits, Improvisatory Singing and Dance for Parkinson’s.
Open Lab Performance
An audience is the final tool we provide you at The Indy Convergence. This is an informal presentation held on the last day. We run it like a show with cues, lights, and basic costumes. However, the projects are presented as works in progress and our audience knows this. We have the performance to simply give you, the artist, an opportunity to see your work in front of a group of people and to provide a useful sense of urgency to your creative process. The audience is encouraged to engage with the artists following the show so you can receive immediate feedback.
All applications are confidential 
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