2018-19 School Choice requests for Canyon View Elementary
This SCHOOL CHOICE request is for CANYON VIEW SCHOOL ONLY. If you wish to pursue a school choice spot at ANY OTHER Irvine Unified School District school site, please visit the district website at http://www.iusd.org for the proper school choice procedure.

Reflecting the belief that parents should have a choice of schools, the Irvine Unified School District established at its inception an Open Enrollment Policy. This policy provides the opportunity for parents who reside in the district to enroll their student in any school within the district on a space available basis.

Each school is required to serve the students who live within its attendance area prior to accepting any students from outside its boundary. To determine your assigned neighborhood school, simply input your address in the School Locator map (found on our website at http://www.iusd.org/enrollment/index.html).

Though the district supports parental choice and is committed to School Choice, once enrollment reaches school capacity, that school or grade level will be closed. The following conditions also restrict the opportunities for School Choice:

- Approvals are for one year and are reviewed each year.
- Parents must provide transportation.
- Space must be available at the requested school.
- Transition to middle school or high school is based not on previous school of enrollment, but on the school attendance area assigned to the neighborhood of residence.

To assure that the approval process for those interested in School Chice is random and unbiased, a waiting list is maintained at each school based on an annual lottery. The deadline for submitting a request is noon on February 28th.

Based on forms submitted by the deadline, principals draw names and establish waiting lists (by grade level at the elementary level). Requests received after the deadline are added to the school's waiting list on a first-come, first-serve basis. The school will communicate with families about the status of School Choice in May or before the year ends on June 8, 2018.

When making the commitment for your child to attend the School of Choice - pursuant to IUSD's Open Enrollment Policy - your student(s) may be refused enrollment at their neighborhood school for the balance of the same academic year due to restricted space.

Student(s) may be transferred back to his/her school of residence for any of the following reasons: (1) unsatisfactory attendance, (2) continual tardiness, (3) failure of the parent/ guardian to make adequate transportation arrangements, (4) unsatisfactory behavior, (5) no longer residing within IUSD boundaries.

Acceptance at the School of Choice is for one year and is reviewed each year. Should space availability at the School of Choice for the following year become an issue, provisionally enrolled students are subject to return to their neighborhood school. Under such circumstances, students will be returned on the basis of their enrollment date with last enrollees being the first to return to their neighborhood school. Please note that the school will make every effort to continue enrollment of all students whenever possible; however, it is the primary responsibility of the school to serve the needs of the immediate neighborhood first.

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