Student MAKAUT Placement / Internship Registration Form for All Final Year 2019 Batch
All students from MAKAUT colleges who want to be selected for internships and placements by the prospective employers, fill the Online Student Registration (Google) Form latest by August 17th, 2018.

STEP 1: Download 'Makaut_CV_Format.docx' from Institute website (, fill it up.

STEP 2: Convert it to pdf.

STEP 3: Open Registration form.

STEP 4: .Upload this CV with naming style as studentrollnumber_studentname (eg: 16300114002_payel.pdf)

STEP 5: Carefully fill and submit the form.

Please note that filling up of the registration form is mandatory.

Contact Us: Mr. Prasun Das (8900244099), Mr. Sumantra Paul (9434221006)

Email address *
CV *
Ensure CV naming style as student rollnumber_studentname.pdf (eg: 16300114002_payel.pdf)
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Average CGPA of all semester (e.g 6.4, 7.9....)
Average CGPA of all semester (e.g 6.4, 7.9....)
Semester *
Your Current Semester
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