"Heroes of Skyrealm" Questionnaire
Dear Captains, thank you for joining us!

In order to expand and optimize the game, we would like to collect your feedback. Your sincere thoughts and comments are highly appreciated. :)

Any questions related to the survey, please comment on our official fan page: https://www.facebook.com/HeroesofSkyrealm/

1. Did you experience any problems when downloading the game? *
2. How did you feel about the performance of the game? *
3. How did you feel about the tutorial before creating the Team? *
4. Which one is your favorite Hero? *
5. How did you feel about the Stronghold? *
6. What was/were the hardest thing(s) to master in the Stronghold ? (May choose one or more boxes) *
7. How did you feel about the feature of competing players from other countries and areas for resources in the Stronghold? *
8. If the game can add a new feature, which one would interest you the most? *
9. What did you like about "Heroes of Skyrealm"? *
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10. Which part(s) of the “Heroes of Skyrealm were you not satisfied with? *
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11. How was the battery consumption and device temperature while playing the "Heroes of Skyrealm"? *
12. How long did you play "Heroes of Skyrealm"? *
13. How many hours per day did you spend on "Heroes of Skyrealm"? *
14. Would you consider to recommend "Heroes of Skyrealm" to your friends? *
What is your mobile device and the OS you are using? *
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