Community Art Submission
Thank you so much for submitting your images to us. The California Consortium for Urban Indian Health has a tradition of using community-driven media model strategies to ensure that the work we produce reflects the community it is designed to serve, and your contribution to Red Women Rising project will help us do that! Please ensure that you are the owner of, or have the express permission of the owner of any artwork, photography, and images submitted. We would hate to not be able to use any of the amazing imagery you've submitted to us.

Submitted images may be photographs, by Native American/Alaska Native people, culture, art, food, clothing, crafts, practices, or places.

Media Release Form and Permission Statement *
Do you agree to the following: The California Consortium for Urban Indian Health (CCUIH) is committed to increasing the visibility of American Indians through the development of Community Media. For this reason, I authorize CCUIH and its assignees and transferees to publish, promote, and copyright photography, video, audio, and digital stories created in the facilitation of this event through presentations, print media, and/or digital media including, but not limited to, the agency website and social media networks. By signing below, I agree that CCUIH may use such photography, video, audio, and digital stories of me for any lawful purpose, including but not limited to such purposes as evaluation, publicity, illustration, advertising, social media and web content.
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Preferred Upload Dimensions
It would be very helpful (and increase the likelihood that we can use your imagery) if you uploaded images in the following pixel measurements: 1920 x 1080; 1290 x 960; 520 x 450
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How should we credit you?
Tell us how we can attribute any submitted images to you or their creator if they are used as a part of this project. Leave your email above and we will make sure to notify you if we use your work.
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