Renegade Demo Team Application - 2019 Events
Thanks for your interest in working on our demo team for 2019!
General Staff Expectations
Staffing at a convention is a lot of work! During a convention we work long hours, must be able to explain games loudly enough to be heard over the crowds, and rarely get to sit down. We are also required to lift boxes up to 40 pounds on our own or larger boxes with assistance. If you are not able to stand on your feet for 8 hours, speak loudly, or lift heavy boxes, please contact me to see if there is a different position that may work with your skill sets.

Please note that travel is not included in any levels. If you apply for a full time position, we expect you to arrange and purchase your own transportation to arrive for setup at 9:00 am on Setup Day.

This is considered a contract job, so all American applicants should be legally allowed to work in the United States and be willing to send the appropriate and requested tax forms before any compensation is provided. If you are not an American citizen, there are still possibilities to join the team, but you will not get monetary compensation. You'll take home games instead!

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