2019 Audition Prep Intake Survey
This survey will help the CSA artistic team to better understand how we can support your student in preparing for fall 2019 auditions to get into an arts based high school.
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What are the artistic auditions that the CSA student is interested in? Please click all that apply. *
If the student is interested in instrumental music, what instrument do they plan on auditioning with?
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If the student is interested in pursuing visual art, check any of the disciplines below that are of interest (it’s OK if you’re not sure yet.)
If the student is interested in vocal music, what voice type to they have?
In addition to art classes and ensembles at CSA, in what are the ways that the student is currently practicing their art form and preparing for 8th grade auditions? Click all that apply. *
Did the student/family originally enroll into CSA with the hope that they would gain the artistic skills needed to get into an arts based high school that requires an audition? *
Anything else we should know about the student's interest in pursuing an artistic high school?
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Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey!
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