Registration form - Interpersonal Communication
Thank you for your interest in our Interpersonal Communication course! This course will take place in January 2021. There is no fix deadline for this course. You can sign up in our interest form and we will contact you soon with more information.

Please consider the following:
1. Participation in the course is free, however full participation will be required once you signed up and you are selected. Our first session is mandatory.
2. Certificate will be granted if a participant missed no more than one training session and delivered the final assignment.
3. Participants will be selected based on motivation and time availability.

COVID-19 Situation:
We are doing our best to be able to provide you with face to face offline trainings on campus. However, we adhere to the measures taken by the government and EUR, so any new rules might affect out courses.

To ensure an effective learning environment and be able to follow the COVID-19 rules, our group capacity is max. 8 students per group.

Before filling in the registration form, please read the information below and course description at

• Information provided below will be treated confidentially with sole purpose of selection and overview of applicants.

In case of any questions feel free to reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or by email.

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