Survey: Learning design in African Higher Education
We invite you to share a perspective from your country by completing this short Google form. Also share media that expand on these answers using an online mode of communication of your choice on the Facebook page for this event. We would like to crowdsource these along with your responses from you, our e/merge colleagues, to be used in the following ways:

* To be reported on during the online seminar - event facilitators will work with the e/merge Africa network conveners to collate your responses and media for insights on emerging trends, similarity in approaches across countries, etc.
* Shared during our workshop at eLearning Africa
* For research and evaluation purposes conducted by the e/merge Africa team

Please note: the last name an institution fields are optional, should you wish to remain anonymous.

Many higher education institutions are adopting some kind of blended and/or e-learning accentuating the need for the learning design of educational materials. There are variances in how colleagues in universities across the African continent define the meaning, processes, roles and work of learning design and learning designers. We'd like your insights on the following questions:

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5. What is the delivery mode at your institution? (residential only face-to-face, residential blended learning, distance (fully online) or a combination? Ask for some more context on the google form)
6. Tell us a bit more about your job - what kind of work do you do at the university you're at?
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