Homemaker's Badge Rubrics
Candidate is expected to have knowledge / skills for all the clauses even if she is not tested on every clause.

Each candidate should be competent in all 5 areas to pass the test.

Each candidate is given 2 attempts to complete all the clauses. Her next test should happen within a month’s time.

Candidate only needs to redo the clauses that she didn’t pass. She does not need to retake the entire test again.

The Homemaker’s Badge Clauses
1. Bring a statement signed by her parent/guardian showing that she has been thorough and helpful at home and you have carried out the following household chores for 7 consecutive days or 4 consecutive weekends.
Examples of household chores include:
1.1. tidy and make bed satisfactorily,
1.2. carry out weekly cleaning and sweeping/vacuuming and mopping of a room as well as to know how to empty dusty from the vacuum cleaner
1.3. clean a cooker (gas or electric), microwave oven, stand fan or fridge
1.4. know how to use and clean a dustbin
1.5. know how to dispose kitchen waste

2. Be able to explain or demonstrate how to:
2.1. do household shopping, choose fresh food and how to store it at home;
2.2. prepare a balanced meal for the family; and
2.3. lay a table for a meal for a family, clear away and wash up afterwards

3. Know the precautions to take to prevent accidents in the home

4. Demonstrate at least one method of simple repair e.g. fixing the button/the hook of the skirt, shortening the skirt, etc

5. Know how to do at least 3 of the following:
5.1. Replace an electric bulb
5.2. Sharpen a knife
5.3. Unblock a sink waste pipe
5.4. Clean a cooker, oven, stand fan or fridge
5.5. Use a vacuum cleaner (including the disposal of the collected rubbish)
5.6. Clean the toilet

• Guide with Cook Badge will be exempted from clause 2 & 5.
• Guide with Accident Prevention Badge will be exempted from clause 3.

If a Guide is intending to apply for President Guide Award, as part of the PGA applicant’s portfolio, all relevant documents, photos, etc for this Badge should be filed properly.
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