Night Strike Community Service
Event Timing: Thursday, April 12, 5-10:30 pm
Event Address: 4000 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem, OR 97305
building 2, room 176
Contact us at: (Sara V), (Adam H), (503) 365-4764

Night Strike is a community gathering that mobilizes volunteers/services, meets felt needs, and develops relationships that transform lives.

It is a unique opportunity for people to spend time under the Burnside Bridge in Portland, OR to love people because people matter.

It is an opportunity for members of Portland’s homeless community to hang out, enjoy a hot meal, receive a free haircut or shave, have their feet washed and have their old shoes/clothes/sleeping bags replaced.

It is also a chance for you to come down and share in the experience, help serve the needs of the homeless in our community, and more importantly, invest in lives and build relationships with the people you meet.

Please be aware that this is ran by a faith based organization. Volunteers may hear individual expressions on faith, religion, or spiritual conversations from either the homeless guests or volunteers.

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What to wear.
No Open toed shoes.
High top clothes recommended.
Long pants.
Dress for outdoor cold and wet weather. While under the cover of a bridge, it is still cold and sometimes windy.
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