All animations are 1080p resolution at 24 Frames Per Second unless specified otherwise, Prices are in US Dollars ($)
By completing this form, you are bound to the Terms & Conditions listed at the bottom of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: These are for character commissions lasting between 1-10 seconds, not fully fledged animations of longer length. If you are interested in commissioning a bigger animation, then please contact me directly at
Animation Commissions are currently {OPEN}
Animation starts at a Base price of $60, this price includes 1 character, with rough detail and no colours as a small loop by default. This price will increase depending on other variables*. The following prices are estimates and will be worked out during contact. Animations can take anywhere between 2 weeks to 2 months to complete depending on these variables.
*Variables such as action, character detail, amount of characters and backgrounds.
1. How many characters do you want in your commission? *
(More than 1 character is +50% of the selected Base Price per Extra Character.)
2. Do you want your commission to have rough or clean lines? *
3. Do you want your commission to be coloured? *
4. Do you want your commission to have Cel shading? *
5. What type of background/environment do you want? *
(Not applicable for icons)
6. What type of animation do you want? *
7. Are you OK for your commission to be shown publicly? *
(Such as being streamed during the creation process and being displayed on the artist's pages)
In a few words, give a brief description of what you would like for your commission. *
Please leave your preferred method(s) of contact here (Email/Twitter Name/Skype etc.) *
Terms & Conditions
- Payment will be done via PayPal
- Payment must be made before any work begins.
- Payment will consist of a deposit of half your commission price before starting and the remainder upon completion.
- If the client isn't satisfied during the early draft/concept stage, then they shall receive their refunded deposit.
- If the client isn't satisfied after the early draft/concept stage, they forfeit their deposit to make up for the artist's time.
- The artist reserves the right to refuse a commission.
- The artist reserves the right to refuse to continue work on a commission should the commissioner act disrespectfully.
Thank you for your business, you shall receive correspondence soon to discuss particulars.
To help the artist, please have a reference image of the character(s) at the ready to provide to them.
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