What's Your DigCitIMPACT?
Interested in sharing a DigCitIMPACT TALK?

A DigCitIMPACT TALK is a STORY that INSPIRES and EMPOWERS by SOLVING problems, CREATING solutions, and making IMPACTS.


Prepare a 7 minute talk.

Focus on the STORY (not the number of slides).

Conclude with a CALL to ACTION.

Requirements: All DigCitIMPACT TALKS will be prerecorded. Create your story in Google Slides and then screen record your talk while displaying your slides. Remember, the focus in on the STORY not the slides (or the number of slides). You'll conclude with a CALL to ACTION which is a wonderful way to celebrate the #DigCitSummit during #DigCitWeek. Make sure to time yourself for 7 minutes and attach the link to your screen recording to this form.

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