Return to Limited In-Person Cadet Activities - Survey for Parents August 2020
The Commander of the National Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Support Group has made the decision to delay the start-up of limited in-person cadet activities until at least 1 October 2020. The Commander has also provided strict guidelines that must be in place in order for in-person activities to resume safely (including wearing masks, sanitization procedures, supervision, etc).

However, this does not mean 142 Sqn will necessarily begin conducting in-person activities in October.

We understand that parents are considering a lot of information regarding COVID-19 at this time and making decisions that are best for their families.

In order to help 142 Sqn staff plan the way ahead, please give us an indication of your CURRENT intentions with respect to returning to in-person cadet activities.

We will likely ask these questions periodically as we go forward in the training year and the situation continues to evolve.
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What is the last name and first initial of your cadet? *
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If 142 Squadron decides to conduct a one-day OUTDOOR activity after 1 October, would you send your cadet? *
If 142 Squadron decides to conduct a one-day INDOOR activity after 1 October, would you send your cadet? *
If you answered "Maybe" to either of the questions above, what would be the conditions for you to send your cadet?
Do you wish to share any other comments related to returning to cadet activities in a COVID-19 environment?
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