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Franklin Public Schools - Franklin, CT
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Confirmation of Understanding - The using group makes application and will use the Franklin Elementary School in accordance with the Franklin Board of Education Policies. The using group assumes all responsibility for damage, injury, and other liabilities. In the event that property loss or damage is incurred during such use of occupancy of the Franklin Elementary School facilities, the amount of damage shall be decided by the Administration and approved by the Franklin Board of Education. A bill for damages will be presented to the group using or occupying the facilities during the time the loss or damage was sustained. *After two written notifications of warnings are given to the same group, suspension of usage of the building will result. Please type your name and date as the applicant to confirm you have read and understand this agreement. As the applicant you must be present for the entire event. *
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* NO FOOD/DRINK is allowed in the gym at any time (selling food is strictly prohibited) *School Use Request MUST be submitted two weeks prior to the date of event *Under no circumstances, are organizations allowed to charge admission *Building can only be reserved one month in advance. *If not in person, a confirmation will be made by phone for the approval of building use. Please type your initials and date as the applicant to confirm you have read and understand this agreement. *
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If your organization is not comprised primarily of Franklin residents (meaning 50% or your team/organization), and you still wish to use our facility, there is a user fee schedule and special building use rules that make such use available. The current rate is $10 per hour for use of the cafeteria and /or $25 per hour for use of the gymnasium, PLUS current hourly custodial rates. The administration will determine fees based on rosters attached to building use requests. PROFIT ORGANIZATIONS will be charged regardless of the roster. Please type your initials and date as the applicant to confirm you have read and understood this agreement. *
GENERAL RULES: Only the applicant for space or his/her listed alternate may pick up the key. Applicant or alternate must be present during school usage. If neither can be present, the program must be canceled. Adult Supervisors are responsible for making sure all parties remain in the designated area. Keys for weekend usage must be picked up on Fridays prior to weekend usage. It is preferred keys be picked up during school hours, however, if this is not possible, keys may be picked up on Friday after school hours by appointment until 8:00 p.m.Key duplicating is not allowed. Anyone who duplicated any school key will automatically have privileges revoked. You may only use spaces assigned and for the time limits set and signed up for. The cost incurred for any loss or damages is the responsibility of the organization using the premises. Media Center and classrooms are not available for weekend use.*DOORS ARE NOT TO BE PROPPED OPEN DURING USE OF THE BUILDING. I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THESE TERMS. *
GYMNASIUM RULES: NO FOOD OR DRINK IN GYMNASIUM PROPER FOOTWEAR MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES Opening Procedures *Unlock exterior door *Turn on hall lights * Turn on restroom lights *Turn on gymnasium lights OR CAFETERIA-HOLTON HALL KITCHEN RULES: You may not use any kitchen supplies. You must bring everything you need. All countertops must be disinfected after usage. Floors must be swept and mopped. Any tables must be disinfected. Any time stovetop or ovens are in use, the hood vent must be on. Opening Procedures *Unlock entrance *Turn on hall lights *Turn on Holton Hall lights *Turn on restroom lights *Unlock kitchen door *Turn on kitchen lights. Closing Procedures *Shut off all appliances *Shut off kitchen lights *Shut off Holton Hall lights *Shut off restroom lights *Fill out checklist *Drop keys and list inbox *Shut the door on the way out *Check all exterior doors for security *Check bathrooms for running water/cleanliness. I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THESE TERMS. *
Closing Procedures for Gymnasium: *Sweep gymnasium *Shut off gymnasium lights *Shut doors to gymnasium *Shut off restroom lights *Lock exterior door *Fill out checklist and sign *Put key and checklist in dropbox. I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO THESE TERMS. *
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