Application for MKTG 477 at JMU Under the Direction of Dr. Theresa B. Clarke
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It is required that you submit the correct URL for your LinkedIn profile. For example: is a complete and correct URL, but is incorrect. Your URL should be located UNDER YOUR PHOTO in the CONTACT INFO section of your Profile. Do NOT copy/paste your URL from the address bar in LinkedIn. Instead get your URL from your Profile section.
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List the first and last names, titles, and email addresses of anyone who can serve as a reference for you.
Other JMU students can be in this listing if they are familiar with your work in team settings.
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What is your major(s) and minor? If applicable, include special interest areas and/or concentrations. *
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Briefly explain your careers goals after completing your degree. *
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Undergraduate Students Only - Based on your anticipated spring schedule, are you free from 2:00p-5:30p on Fridays?
Undergraduate Students Only
What is your Myers-Briggs Personality Type? If you do not know your Myers-Briggs Personality Type, take one of the many free online quizzes to determine your type. Example: or *
Please check the statement that applies to your current situation regarding MKTG 470. *
Undergraduate Only
Briefly (1-2 sentences) describe your experience with search engine marketing, paid search, and Google AdWords. *
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Were you referred to this class by anyone (e.g., professors, practitioners, former students who completed MKTG 477)? If so, please list the names of your referrals below.
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Explain why you want to participate in MKTG 477. *
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What is your overall GPA? *
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What is your marketing GPA? *
Average of marketing classes for undergrads only.
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Which CoB/Marketing Student Organizations are you an active member? *
Undergrads only. Check all that apply. List CoB organizations in the Other Category if they aren't in the list below.
Evaluate yourself in the following areas where 1 = Poor, 2 = Fair, 3 = Good, 4 = Very Good, and 5 = Outstanding. *
Please be completely honest about your strengths and weaknesses!
AdWords Experience
Work Ethic
Drive, Determination, and Persistence
Ability to Learn Independently
Analytical Skills
Written Communication
Oral Communication
Technological Skills
Ability to Work in Teams
Competitive Spirit
Service Orientation
Attention to Detail
Adaptability to Change
Desire to Learn
Based on your whereabouts over the holiday break, please indicate the cities you would be able to travel to for an intensive day of AdWords training and a potential externship opportunity. *
What would be the greatest strength you would bring to a team-based project? *
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What would be the greatest weakness you would bring to a team-based project? *
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Visit,, and Read each article. In less than 100 words, propose an engaging marketing service project that YOUR class could do on the next CoB MLK Day of Service on ONE day in 4-5 hours. *
In other words, what are your ideas for an intensive marketing-oriented class service project that is fun, feasible, uses marketing skills, and meaningful to you and your classmates? And don't forget a "Plan B" in case we are snowed out that day.
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What animal do you most closely resemble and why? *
Please don't do one of those "animal tests" online. Just tell me honestly using your own views.
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I prefer to work with... *
How many credits do you plan to take during the upcoming semester. *
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What would be the biggest obstacle that would prevent you from doing well in this class? *
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Name one word to describe yourself. *
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Is there anything else you want me to know about you as I evaluate your application?
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