ACS Athens Summer Youth Camp 2021
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In our effort to safeguard the sensitive personal data of the families and especially students enrolled in the programs of ACS Athens, we hereby seek the parental or legal guardian consent for the collection and processing of personal data.

Student and parent personal data will be used to complete the registration process of the student. Personal data collected will be restricted to a minimum and will remain in the possession of ACS Athens for one year after the completion of the program the student is registered. After that, all collected data will be deleted from all electronic or physical storage systems of ACS Athens.

Please be advised that ACS Athens has taken all necessary organizational and technical measures to safeguard your child’s personal data in its possession. In case you have any questions regarding this form or require further details, please send an email to and we will answer them as soon as possible.

Our complete Data Privacy Policy can be found at
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ACS Athens Media Policy Consent
ACS Athens documents and celebrates the academic, athletic and other activities and achievements of our community in a variety of media and we make every effort to use the personal data of students responsibly and proportionately.

DO YOU CONSENT to the use of the student's personal data (images/photos/videos) for the purposes below?
ELECTRONIC MEDIA (video & photography) as used to communicate and celebrate the activities of the Summer Youth Camp in an internal presentation to the participants and parents? *
PRINTED PUBLICATIONS (articles, brochures, Ethos Magazine, etc.) as used to document, communicate and promote our activities of the Summer Youth Camp? *
ACS ATHENS' ONLINE & SOCIAL MEDIA (Website, Facebook, YouTube) as used to communicate and celebrate our activities of the Summer Youth Camp? *
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