6th Grade iPad Self-Contained Classroom Survey
This upcoming school year (2018-2019), we will be piloting a new program that will utilize the application Apple Classroom to manage a One-to-One Blended learning classroom environment. If you would like your child to participate in this program, please complete the following survey.

Below are the requirements:
1. Own or purchase an iPad Mini or iPad Air (running iOS 11 or newer)
2. Own or purchase a protective case with a Bluetooth keyboard
3. Your child must attend “Meigs 101” orientation (1/2 day on Monday, July 30, 2018)
4. A parent (preferred) or adult designee must attend the Parent orientation in room 213 at 12 pm on Monday, July 30, 2018 (at the end of Meigs 101).

Classes will be balanced based on the diversity rules applied to all homeroom classes (ex. considering gender, ability, ethnicity, etc.).

*If you would like your child to participate in the iPad Self-contained classroom but cannot afford a compliant iPad, please complete the survey as well. A minimum of 10% of the spaces available will be reserved for students who qualify as economically disadvantaged. We will provide iPads for these students to use during class.

**If you are selected, we will email you with instructions to accept your child's position and to prove you have met eligibility requirements. This will need to be done by the 1st week in July. If your position is not accepted and requirements are not met by the designated time, we will vacate your child's spot and fill it with another student from the wait list.

iPad Self-Contained Classroom Q & A:

1. Question: How is a One-to-One Self-contained classroom structured?

Answer: At Meigs, our two one-to-one self-contained classrooms each consist of a class of students who receive all of their academic instruction in one classroom instead of switching throughout the day to multiple classrooms. There is integration and collaboration between the two teachers, Mr Johnson (5th) and Mr. Parsons (6th). In these Apple One-to-One classrooms, Blended learning is used and each student has their own iPad. Students still attend lunch, recess, and Related Arts outside their self-contained classroom.

2. Question: What is Blended Learning?

Answer: Blended learning combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods. It also uses some aspects of a flipped learning environment. As defined, flipped learning strategies use class time to do activities and lessons (guided by the teacher) and "homework" time for guided instruction, usually through video. Basically, it turns a classroom upside down: the learning of a topic might be done at home and then the applied practice or work is done at school.

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