Athlete Inventory
Inventory 1- Equipment and Hydration
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Do you have proper running shoes? *
Do you have "running" shorts? *
Running shorts usually have a 2-3" inseam (not long, but short shorts)
What size shorts do you wear?
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Do you have "running" Socks? *
Socks should be moisture wicking
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Would you be interested in a team mask? *
Do you have a Hydroflask? *
Hydro Flask are insulated and maintain beverage temperature for hours, and durable versus plastic bottles.
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Watch short clip regarding hydration
Hydration- per the video how much and how often should you drink water? *
Summarize what you learned from the video
Based on the chart, what color should your urine be? *
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Do you have a digital or running watch? *
Everyone should have a watch to time their individual workouts (phones are not practical)
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Will you be attending Shoe day at RoadRunners this Friday? *
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Select your Practice/ group (days TBD) *
Please let us know your practice disposition
Shirt Sizing *
Shirts may be cotton and/ or Dri fit material
Sweatshirt/ Hoodie Sizing *
Typically cotton/ cotton blend material
Warmup Pant Sizing *
Typically cotton/ cotton spandex material
Jacket Sizing *
Typically polyester/ nylon material
Would you be interested in a team backpack? *
Typically polyester/ nylon material
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