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Welcome to SwaYoga 🧘‍♀️

Please make sure that you have made up your mind for the practice and to be consistent. Change awaits.

Trial sessions are provided on request (mention if you need in the last section below).

Note: Please make sure that you are available when you are contacted to confirm your registration! 

Thank you.

- Swapnali
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I am of legal age and would like to participate in a yoga class being offered by SwaYoga. I fully understand that yoga is a physical activity that may or may not cause physical injury. 

I agree to declare any health issue, conditions I may have before signing up for the program. 
In the event that poses might be uncomfortable, any suggested modification can be discussed to me directly in a respectful manner. If there's any strain or fatigue, I can come out of the pose to rest and understand that each and every one has its own physical limitations. 

I fully recognize that any injuries sustained from all the physical activities will be my responsibility. Therefore I release SwaYoga of any liabilities.

I have read and fully understand the terms of the agreement/waiver and accept all of it.
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