London/UK VMUG Call for Papers
Hi, we're glad you've decided to submit a community session for an upcoming London or VMUG meeting! because we're super organised (haha) we've put this form up to allow you to submit topics for shortlisting well in advance - all we ask is that you only submit serious proposals and you can make the date - life happens, and that's cool - but please do let us know as far in advance if there is going to be an issue with something you've proposed and we can look to re-schedule you.

if you're worried you have nothing interesting to talk about - I'd argue and encourage you to read this blog post (note: prizes were won long ago - but the points are still valid!)

Remaining 2020 Meeting dates are as follows

London VMUG 2020 - All completed
UK VMUG 2020 Thurs 25th November (Online Event)
UK VMUG 2021 - National Space Centre - Leicester (date TBC, likely November)

COVID has thrown 2020 a bit, but we're still running and still looking for people - we put 3 London events on already in 2020. 1 Physical and 2 via Zoom.
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Please provide a brief outline of who you are, what you do, and who you work for (important - you don't have to be specific if you're not allowed, but it adds credibility to your content if people can identify you and your affiliation/independence)
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(optional) please provide a phone number just incase we need to contact you urgently - we will normally use email and your number won't be shared
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the name of your session, make it punchy, brief and interesting to encourage people to attend
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Please provide an outline of your session that we can publish on the agenda, describe what people will learn, how it will be useful to them and what the key takeaways are
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Don't be fooled by length, shorter sessions are often more work than longer ones
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