EUUF RE Children & Youth Registration Form 2019-20
There is a section for children to answer, please have them with you when filling out this form.
Vision Statement
We are a compassionate, interconnected community of spiritually-rooted carbon-based life forms living our values.
Mission Statement
To provide a welcoming place of acceptance and service that encourages connection to the personal spiritual journey, to each other, to the Evergreen community, and to the world.
Religious Exploration Program for Children and Youth
The kinds of classes we offer reflect our mission statement-- the All Fellowship Services invite participation at each child's level of comfort, and allows for connection to the entire Fellowship. Together @ the Table potluck brunches provide a safe place for the children to engage in fellowship with each other. Our service projects range from local (like planting trees) to global (like raising money for water wells to be drilled in Africa.) Classes offer stations where children can choose how to best absorb the material presented based on their own personal preferences. We're looking forward to having your child(ren) in the program this year.
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