Personal Website Questionnaire
Communication is always the key to a successful project.  This Creative Brief will help you organize the overall goals for your project in a way that we can understand and use to advise you on the most suitable options.  Please complete this questionnaire to the best of your ability.  If there is a question that you don't understand or doesn’t apply to your project, feel free to leave it blank.  Once we get all of the information we need, we can begin preparing a quote or initiate a conversation to get in to the specifics.
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General Project Information
What is your current (or intended) web address or URL?
What is your desired launch date for this project?
How much are you willing to invest in the project? *
Can the project be divided into phases to account for budget and timing constraints?
Project Goals
Briefly describe the site's concept and what service it seeks to provide:
What is your main objective or reason for this project (e.g. promoting a new product/service, targeting a specific audience, building your personal brand.)?
Are there any other considerations that could impact the project schedule (i.e., new product launch, trade show, marketing campaign)?
Target Audience
Describe a typical user that will visit your site (provide more than one profile if applicable)
What action(s) should the user perform when visiting your site (read articles, search for information, sign up for an account, purchase a product/service)?
How many people do you expect to visit your site on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis?
Design and Functionality
To the best of your ability, use words to describe the end result of your project's look and feel (i.e., clean, balanced, modern).
List two or three other sites you like and why. *
Are you looking for any specific colour schemes? If not, what sort of palettes do you prefer, if any?
How much are you willing to conveniently invest in domain name renewal plus annual web hosting and maintenance? *
Is there any existing content that needs to be included in the site (i.e. from a database or existing content bank)?
Does the site require a payment system, an e-commerce solution or an online store?
Any other thing you'd like us to know
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