Dance for All Bodies Post Class Feedback Form
Thank you for participating in our dance class! We hope you had a great time. Please fill out this feedback form to tell us more about your experience. Your input will help us create better classes in the future. All of the responses collected through this survey will remain anonymous.
Which DfAB class did you attend? Please include the style and date (i.e. Hip-Hop Class on MM/DD/YY).
Please rate how you feel about the following personal traits after attending this class:
Decreased greatly
Decreased slightly
Stayed the same
Increased slightly
Increased greatly
Your physical fitness
Your emotional state
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How would you rate the overall accessibility of the class on a scale of Poor, Neutral or Good?
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How would you rate your overall feeling of inclusion on a scale of Low, Neutral or High?
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Which of the following aspects are the most important for you to feel welcome and included during the lesson? (Choose as many as you like.)
What could we improve about this experience to help make future classes more accessible and welcoming?
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