Marketing Material Kit Rules/Regulations Contract
This form is the contract between the individuals and West Michigan Regional Board of NSP to check-out the marketing materials.
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This begins the WMR NSP Marketing Equipment Rules and Regulations Contract.  - This form is the signed contract between the individual checking out the marketing materials equipment and the rules, regulations, and stipulations of use of the equipment. PLEASE CHECK ALL BOXES TO INDICATE YOU READ ALL OF THE RULES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. *
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Equipment Checkout Fines *
Equipment Usage Guidelines *
User's Rental Agreement - I assume full responsibility for the West Michigan Regional Marketing Materials Kit with equipment listed below. Upon request, I agree to pay for damages incurred to the equipment and/or accessories excessive of normal use up to $2,500.00, as assessed by the West Michigan Regional Marketing Committee. This includes, but is not limited to: damage, loss, or theft of equipment. I certify that “Reasonable Care” will be exercised for the equipment’s safekeeping and care. I understand and agree that I am accepting financial responsibility in reimbursing the West Michigan Regional Patrol for the replacement cost of the equipment issues in the event of loss or damage. ("Signature Required - Type Name) *
I also acknowledge that it is my responsibility to schedule a demonstration of any equipment that I am unfamiliar with operating. I accept full responsibility for operation, care and maintenance for the period of time with which the equipment resides checked out to me. I will not hold West Michigan Regional Patrol or those affiliated with NSP responsible for injury or accident incurred while using any and all of the equipment rented. ("Signature Required - Type Name) *
I understand that I am responsible for returning this equipment and accessories on the dates the equipment is checked out to me. ("Signature Required - Type Name) *
If you have questions, comments, or concerns with this form or picking up the materials, please reach out to Madison Willemstein via email, text, or call. (email: or (616)826-6923. Please allow for at least 24 hours for a response, thank you). You may also type your concern into the form!
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