Active Vista Film Workshop
November 30, December 2, & December 9, 2018

The Active Vista Film Workshop is a 3-day workshop offering an integrated training program of lectures, film screenings, discussions and working groups that combine human rights expertise, media and film studies and art advocacy strategies. It shall target educators, students, young professionals, human rights defenders, media practitioners, social influencers, artists and filmmakers as participants of the lab through a rigid selection process.

The workshop is designed to build the capacity of participants to effectively utilize films and videos for their human rights advocacy and encourage participants to produce creative outputs that depict compelling stories of human struggles and that shall contribute to engage the public in the protection and promotion of human rights.

1. Applicants must be available to attend all sessions of the workshop.
2. Preferably applicants have a project in development (having at least a logline, and synopsis)
3. The 3-day workshop will be held in Metro Manila, Philippines. Travel and accommodations of selected participants are not covered by the program.

1. Accomplished application form to be filled up thru this link:
2. Project Proposal
-Logline (50 words)
-Synopsis (150 words)
-Director’s Statement (300 words)
3. Personal Statement (500 words)
-Introduction of yourself in relation to film work
-The reason why you wish to attend the workshop
-Your future plans in film work
4. Portfolio
-Must be downloadable
-Video files submitted must be playable on VLC
-At least 2 works that can show the applicant’s potential as a film and video content creator. Short or feature films, videos, novels, photographs, academic theses, etc are all acceptable.
*All files and documents submitted will not be exhibited and distributed publicly.

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