Citrus Circuits Robotics Team - Teacher Recommendation Form
This form is for teachers only, and we reserve the right to confirm this recommendation using the email address provided. If you are a prospective member of Citrus Circuits, you should NOT fill out this form - you should give it to a teacher who can speak to your attitude and work ethic.
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How much do you agree with each of the following statements? (1 = strongly disagree, 5 = strongly agree) In my opinion, the student... *
...can effectively manage time
...contributes positively to classroom discussion
...has a positive and helpful attitude
...will be able to set priorities when faced with large workloads well in groups
...has a strong work ethic
Optional Open Response: On Team 1678, we look for mature and dedicated students with strong interpersonal skills. Can you please share a few examples where this student embodied these characteristics?
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Optional Open Response: On Team 1678, students are faced with difficult technical and interpersonal problems. Can you please share an instance when this student worked through adversity and demonstrated good problem solving or critical thinking skills?
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Are there any other comments or thoughts you would like to share about this student that didn’t fit into the above prompts?
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