2018 Adams County Shooting Sports Contest
Deadline for Entries: Friday, June 29, 2017 by 4:00pm.
There will be no late registration or class add-ons after June 29th.
Please mark the classes you wish to compete in (please remember you must provide your own equipment and any special clothing, etc. that is required by the discipline.) Refer to the State Contest Rule Book if you have questions about what is required.
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4-H Age (age as of Dec 31, 2017) *
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.22 Hunt Rifle (open sight only) *
.22 Target Rifle, 4-Position - Sporter (peep sight only) *
.22 International 3-Position Target (peep sight only, jacket & gloves required) *
.22 Hunt Scope (scopes only) *
.22 Pistol *
Air 25 Foot Utility *
Air 10-Meter Target - 4-Position - Sporter (peep sight only) *
Air 10-Meter Precision - 3-Position (peep sight only, jackets & gloves required) *
Air 10-Meter Olympic Off-Hand (peep sight only) *
Air Pistol *
Archery-Beginner (8-10) Only *
Archery Longbow/Recurve-Traditional or Limited (Please select one) *
Archery Compound-Limited, Unlimited, or Traditional (Please select one) *
Shotgun Trap (2 Rounds at $5 each = $10 class fee) *
Shotgun Skeet (2 Rounds at $5 each = $10 class fee) *
Shotgun Sporting Clays (2 Rounds at $5 each = $10 class fee) *
Muzzleloader Class *
Entry Fees -
$5 per member for the .22 Caliber Division
$5 per member for the Air Division
$5 per member for the Archery Division
$5 per member for the Shotgun Division + $10 per class selected
$5 per member for the Muzzleloading Division

Entries will only be accepted with payment and orange card and must be received by June 29, 2018.

Make checks payable to: ADAMS COUNTY 4-H SHOOTING SPORTS
or follow the link on the confirmation page to pay by credit card.

Mailing Address:
Adams County Extension Office
attn: Lacey Mann
9755 Henderson Rd.
Brighton, CO 80601

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