Anime USA 2019 Masquerade Registration Form:
Please fill this form out as completely as you can. Any incomplete forms may result in not being able to compete. Please make sure to read all the rules listed on the website, and email with any questions.

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Please list all of your cast members, stage ninjas, with real names, stage names, and ages. Thanks!
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Please list the characters and series that you will be using.
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Novice, Journeyman, Craftsman: Please read the rules for a better breakdown of levels
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Let us know which of our two categories that you will be participating in, for more information please read our rules on the main page.
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What would you like our emcee to read aloud for you?
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Please include any information about your skit, the more we know the more we can accommodate you!
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Song List:
All dance skits for 2019 will have their music reviewed; in order to keep each skit fresh. If we see too many of the same songs used in the show; will we inform you and ask you to re-select. Thank you.
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Tech Information: *
Any information that we need to know for tech setup. All audio must be on CD with one track only. Please do not bring CD’s with multiple tracks, or expect us to be able to add cues or cuts to your audio. Make sure you include anything like that in your recording. Do you need microphones for a musical presentation, any special lighting for the beginning or end of your skit, anything that you would like to see happen – if we can?
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Craftsmanship Judging? *
Remember - in order to be eligible for "Best in Show" you must compete for craftsmanship. Not competing in craftsmanship means you will only be eligible for "Best Performance" or a divisional award.
Special Needs:
Does your group have large props? Any large costumes? Please let us know in advance.
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Any other questions? Concerns?
Anything else that you need information on; please leave us a message here.
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I/We agree to the rules for AnimeUSA 2019's Masquerade, and agree to abide by them. Further I/We agree to permit photography and/or audio & video recording and permit use of photos and/or recordings for non-commercial purposes. Also I/We do agree to hold AnimeUSA, its organizers, and the facility both severally and individually blameless for any accident and/or injury suffered by me/us during the course of the competition except in cases of gross negligence on the part of those cited above.
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