Team Member Evaluation
This evaluation is anonymous.
Please answer truthfully on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the lowest rating & 5 being the highest rating.
This is designed to help team members improve by showing them how they’re showing up among fellow staff in all areas. The goal is to make Cupid’s Daiquiri’s a smooth-running, successful & enjoyable business. Thanks for your help!
Name of Team Member *
The team member shows up for work on time, ready to work: *
The team member does not conduct unnecessary personal business while on the clock before finishing all business-related tasks. (Examples are excessive time spent texting, talking on the phone, excessive time spent on the computer doing non-work related activities, or socializing with friends): *
The team member communicates clearly & well with co-workers *
The team member is friendly & helpful with customers; keeps a line running smoothly *
The team member steps into all Cupid’s Daiquiri roles with little to no prodding and is not selective on what they do or don't do (makes any drink called, works the window, makes Jello shots, cleans the bathroom, etc. Does all work expected and getting paid to do) *
The team member restocks & cleans, or does other necessary work when there is downtime *
The team member comes to work presentable (clean clothes, teeth, hair, fingernails) *
The team member strives to help out co-workers, is willing to do routine or tedious work & pick up any slack *
The team member is positive to work with and does not have a negative attitude that makes working with them difficult. *
Please put in order what staff you would choose to work with if it was a holiday with expected record sales and you worked the busiest time of the day. Start from the staff that you think is the best on down. Do not include yourself. *
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