Econet Customer Experience Feedback - Shop Survey
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We're running a survey and would love your input. Please let us know what you think below. Information provided will be solely used for the purposes of improving our customer experience. Thanks for participating!

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1. Which shop did you visit? *
1. How do you rate the shop environment?
2. How easy was it to identify the customer care agents?.
3. How fast was a customer agent able to speak to you ?
4. How knowledgeable was the agent that you talked to in terms of their product and services?
5. How well did the agent do in solving your issue??
6. How involved and interested in assisting you was the agent?
7.Was the agent friendly/pleasant?
8.How good was the display and information that was available in the service centre?
If very bad, what could have been done to serve you better?
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9 Are you aware that Econet has Self-care options? (Webself –care,( via website), *111# , sms help, keyword to 111, My Econet APP, and *119#)
9 b.Which of the following Self-care options have you used?
9c. How satisfied are you with Self-care options we have for you?
10. On a scale of 0 to 10 would you recommend the service in this Econet Shop to your family and friends?
Highly Unlikely
Highly Likely
If you would like to share any additional comments or experiences about Econet shop , please enter them below.
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