Farm-Based Business Member Registration
This level of membership is available to destination businesses open to the public that offer products or experiences that complement our local cheese industry and could be included as a stop on the Cheese Trail map. Examples include, but are not limited to: breweries, farms, vineyards, artist studios, etc. The annual membership fee is $150.
Section One - Contact Information
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Section Two - Promotion
One important part of a membership to the WNC Cheese Trail is promotion. The Trail promotes its members, and the members promote the Trail. You will be sent a media packet once you become a member that includes the Trail logo. We ask that you have the logo and live link added to your website. We also need to know who to communicate with at your business regarding social media, as well as the social media outlets your company uses.
Please provide the first and last name of the person who handles the social media/marketing for your company. If it is the same as the contact person listed above, simply type the word "Above" in the next three spaces. *
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Section Three - Print Information
Your responses to the questions will be used for our print brochure and Trail website.
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Appointment Only - If you are open by appointment only, how does the public make an appointment? This might include phone number(s), email address(es), staff name(s), website, etc.
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Section Four - Invoicing
The Trail membership year runs April to March. The $150 membership fee is paid in its entirety by January (or March for members joining after January). In order to maintain good standing and representation on the brochure and website, membership must be paid in full. New members will be listed immediately on the website and printed on the next physical brochure (March 28 deadline).

Member Benefits Include:
• Listing in our WNC Cheese Trail brochure (distribution over 15,000)
• Promotion through WNC Cheese Trail social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
• Listing and live link on the Trail website
Invoice Contact - Please provide the first and last name of the person at your company who should receive the annual invoice. If it's the same as the contact person listed above, simply type "Above" in the next three sections. Please note that the contact person will always be included on the invoice. *
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We will review your registration and get back to you with any questions we might have.
By "signing" my name below, I agree that all information on this application is true to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that there is an annual fee of $150 that my business agrees to pay in a timely manner. *
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