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Contacting a bunch of college cheer coaches used to be a lot of work, but not anymore! If you're in high school or juco and want to quickly find out which colleges are interested in recruiting you, just complete the form below, and within a few weeks, I'll email your info to a bunch of college coaches.

Only fill out this form once, unless you learn a new major skill like a standing tuck or pass full, which might make you more recruitable. :) If you have any questions, email me at
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What your first name? *
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(Don't list your full address - you can give that to individual coaches later if you want to and if they ask for it. If you're not in the USA, list city and country.)
What cheer team(s) are you on? *
What year do/did you graduate high school? *
What's your overall (cumulative) GPA? *
What's your best composite ACT score?
If you haven't taken it or took it pre-high school (thus it's not your "real" score), leave it blank.
What's your best composite SAT score?
If you haven't taken it or took it pre-high school (thus it's not your "real" score), leave it blank.
What do you want to major in? *
What's your financial situation for college? *
How tall are you? *
What's your current weight (in pounds)? *
What's your best unspotted standing tumbling? *
What's your best unspotted tumbling pass on spring floor? *
What's your best unspotted tumbling pass on dead mat? *
What's your primary stunt position(s)? *
What's your best stunt? *
What's your email address? *
Many coaches prefer email, and colleges use email for official stuff. So if you're not an email checker, it's time to start! :) If you need to create an account, is best. I'll also add you to my Cheermoji email list of cheer tips and stuff, which you can 1-click unsubscribe from later if you don't want it.
What's your cell phone number? *
What's the best way for coaches to contact you? *
Optionally, list at least one of your social media accounts where coaches can see a photo of you.
Only list the user name (eg coreywstone), not your profile's whole URL.
Instagram username
Twitter username
Facebook username
(If you view your FB profile and look at the URL, it's listed right after
Anything else you'd like to say to all the coaches?
(But don't write an essay LOL - coaches are busy. :)
Lastly, what's your biggest cheer-related struggle?
I won't send this answer to coaches -- it's just to help me make stuff that will help y'all! :) Thanks!
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