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Thank you so much for helping us with the beta test!
You will receive an invitation in your inbox for either Hockeyapp (for Android) or Testflight (for iOS). Please do the short registration there and you'll be able to download the beta2 for My Child Lebensborn. You'll also receive a mail from us with more info about the test, our test chat at Discourse and more.

Note that the invitations are sent out manually, once a day. So it might take a while before it arrives in your inbox!

This beta is really important to us. After more than two years, we are now finally entering the last polishing phase. The tweaking and balancing to come can do a lot to optimize the gaming experience, and we cannot do it without you. We simply need to hear what you like and how you like it in order to create the best game we can!

This is a "labour of love" for us, and we really hope you like it too!

Thanks for playing and
Best Regards

Catharina and Elin
(Lead game designer and Producer)

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