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I am now taking submissions for March 2017. All entries submitted at this time will be reviewed for the March 2017 Newsletter scheduled for 27 March 2017. Your entry must be in no later than 24 March 2017. I am always looking to announce new releases, showcase beautiful books, and promote pre-orders.

I reserve the right to hand select books and submissions based on quality. Only books that match my target audience will be selected. I am looking for most romance genres. I will not promote Inspirational, Christian, or erotica.

I receive nearly 100 submissions a month for each newsletter, which takes more than six hours to build. I will not hunt authors down for broken URL links or corrections. If I receive a broken link, incorrect information, conflicting, or confusing data, I will simply skip the entry and move on. To ensure your book is featured, follow these directions to the letter. Be sure you only submit complete and functioning URLs for the submission you want featured.

If your book has a rating, it must have an Amazon rating of 4.0 or higher.
Books must have a professionally made HD digital cover

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