2012 Summit on Sex Work in the South "SIGN UP SHEET"
The event will be taking place in Fayetville, NC from 9am to 5pm on 12.14.2012.

The summit sessions will address:
1.) An Overview of Sex Work & Harm Reduction
2.) The primary voices of sex workers
3.) Criminalization, Human Rights and Advocacy
4.) Roundtable: Sex Workers Risk Reduction & Sex Worker Outreach
5.) Sex Work and Sex Worker Services in Fayetville
6.) Sex Work in the Men Who Have Sex with Men, Transgender and Online Communities
7.) Incorporating Sex Worker Programming into your Agency
8.) Drug Use and Sex Work
9.) Southern Bad Date Lines
10.) Human Trafficking and Sex Work

Event Contacts:
Sarah Danforth, Asheville Sex Workers Project, (828) 337-1257, sarahdanforth@hotmail.com
Robert Childs, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition, (336)-543-8050, robert@nchrc.net
Art Jackson, Fayetville, (910)-213-8023, artie_jackson@yahoo.com

Helpful tip for folks flying to the conference: You can fly into Fayetville Airport, but sometimes it is a lot cheaper to fly into Raleigh/Durham and rent a car and drive to Fayetville.

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