Reaching ALL Students with Mastery Learning
Reaching ALL Students with Mastery Learning
with Chad Ostrowski anf the Teach Better Team
Tuesday, October 16, 2018
7-8 PM
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This interactive session will provide participants with easy to implement and practical strategies on how to develop and implement mastery learning in their classrooms using learner-paced Mastery Grids. Learn what has helped thousands of teachers increase student success and provide positive educational outcomes for their learners!
The Webinar will outline practical and easy ­to ­implement tips on the creation, implementation, and management of mastery grids and the systematic use of mastery learning in the classrooms to increase student achievement. The presented methods will provide a system to develop targeted learning opportunities and create a student­-centered classroom where students can be reached at their current level of cognitive understanding.
The scaffolding of learning progressions also creates a learning environment where extension and cross­-curricular connections are more accessible and meaningful for learners when they are reached. Participants will be provided tools, information, and instruction to create and develop their own mastery grids from state and national standards.
Additional instructional strategies on monitoring student progress, facilitating student movement and intervention, as well as implementation of assessment (formative and summative) will be discussed. The result of the session will be an understanding of the research ­based best practices and implementation of Mastery Learning using the methods discussed. Templates, access to online resources, as well as continued support after the session will be provided to all participants.

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