Christ Central Classes: 101 & 201
Registration for Christ Central Classes are open. Classes will begin Sunday, September 24 through-October 29, 11:50AM-1PM. Descriptions of both classes are down below.

Christ Central Classes 101: Spiritual Discipline for the Christian Life | Pastor Ben Kim
How healthy is your Christian walk? All of us, those who are redeemed by God's grace, desire to have a healthy, thriving and exciting walk with the Lord. We want God to be real, we want to move beyond the stage of playing games with yourself and Him, and experience the fullness of the Gospel in life. We want to grow, in grace and knowledge, and become a child of God that is mature and complete in the Lord. How do we do that? How do we build on Christian character and godliness? This class will provide practical help to restore the discipline of divine grace, much needed spiritual discipline for the healthy Christian life.

Christ Central Classes 201: Christian Apologetics | Pastor Simon Yang
Apologetics very simply means defense of the Christian faith. In this class we will be learning about how we can defend what we believe in a logical manner. We will also discuss how we can respond to the main criticisms against Christianity.

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