SEAT Daytona 2019 Event Sponsor Application
We are thrilled you have decided to complete & submit a Sponsor Application Form for SEAT Daytona 2019.

SEAT 2019 Conference is being hosted in Daytona Florida in partnership with NASCAR and Daytona International Speedway.

Kindly note that by submitting this application, this does NOT guarantee that your company will be selected and approved as a SEAT 2019 Sponsor. You will be notified within 14 business days.

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Extremely Limited Sponsorships Available
Kindly note that by submitting this application, this does NOT guarantee that your company will be selected as a SEAT 2019 Sponsor. SEAT events are exclusive industry events.

Important to note: We are offering 50% fewer sponsorships than previous years to ensure SEAT 2019 is the most intimate, exclusive event of 2019.

We have carefully customized a limited selection of sponsorship opportunities. SEAT Sponsorships are first-come, first serve.

SEAT Sponsor Ethics & Responsibility Contract
In addition to completing the Sponsorship Application, your company will be required to read, sign and complete the SEAT 2019 Daytona Sponsor Ethics & Responsibility Contract which lists all policies and guidelines of SEAT events.
SEAT Culture & Policy Overview
• SEAT expects our Sponsors will conduct themselves in a professional manner with the goal of building relationships with the Attendees (aka Sport, Entertainment or Industry Professionals), sharing experiences, sharing case-studies, bringing our customers to share their success stories and demonstrating our thought-leadership and subject matter expertise in our identified industry specialty.
• SEAT does not offer single Vendor Attendee Passes.
• SEAT continues to be transparent and has built a business founded on integrity and honesty in that we do not guarantee sponsor speaking spots on the agenda.
• Vendors, tech companies, suppliers and consultants will be required to "attend" SEAT through a sponsorship. There are no exceptions to this policy.
• Vendors aka Potential SEAT Sponsors are identified as a person, organization or commercial company whom sells products/services or consulting to industry organizations ie venues, clubs, leagues colleges, universities or entertainment organizations.
• We offer a limited number of sponsorships for SEAT events each year.
• SEAT does NOT provide event registration or attendee lists before, during or after any SEAT event under any circumstances if the registrants have opted-out of their information being shared. This is to uphold data privacy laws and to protect the privacy of the sport & entertainment leaders
• SEAT Sponsors are NOT to engage in unauthorized mass e-mail marketing to the SEAT Attendees.
• NOT to conduct or condone aggressive marketing behavior, no hard-sales practices at ANY time before, during or after the SEAT event.
• There is NO Media allowed at SEAT events. We will not ask reporters or writers to document/record any session or event throughout SEAT conferences & events.
• SEAT Badges & Lanyards must be worn at ALL TIMES DURING THE CONFERENCE AND SPECIAL EVENTS. You will not be allowed access to any SEAT room, event or session without a badge.
• SEAT lanyards must be worn at all times for all SEAT events. There are no exceptions.
• SEAT does not “sell” speaking spots on the agenda.
• SEAT does not “guarantee” speaking opportunities except to Diamond, Emerald and Platinum Sponsors.
• If Sponsors are often provided speaking opportunities and engagement opportunities as it is deemed appropriate that the sponsor-speaker would provide value to the discussion(s) and that the speaking opportunity would provide value to the sponsor-speaker in which the content is relevant to the entire SEAT audience.There are no sales-pitches allowed on SEAT stages, panels or sessions.
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NOTE: During the conference, you will be able to go to any session in any track you desire. This is simply to understand which track best fits your organization's core interest of the conference
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