Quick Loan Request
The following is a "Quick Loan Request" that enables you to quickly and easily submit a QOCU loan request online. While additional paperwork and signatures will be required, completing this application is a quick way to get your loan started.

You can also print and complete a full QOCU loan application at: http://www.quakeroatscu.com/PDF_FORMS/loanapp.pdf

Once submitted, a QOCU staff member will follow-up with you within one business day. If you submit this form and do not hear from a QOCU Representative within one business day, please contact us at 319.395.7060 to confirm that we received your request.

Thank you for choosing Quaker Oats Credit Union!
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Once you click "Submit," you will receive a confirmation message on your screen (you may need to scroll to the top). If you do not receive a confirmation message, please ensure that you have completed all required fields.

Once your request is submitted, we will contact you within 1 business day.
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