SCF - Seafood and sharks - Residents  

Hi! My name is Jorinde and for my internship at the Saba Conservation Foundation I am conducting a questionnaire about seafood and sharks. The responses will be used in an ongoing research project. Participation in this study is completely voluntary and anonymous. You may decide not to answer a specific question and you may stop participating at any time. The questionnaire will take approximately 10 minutes. Thank you for your participation! 

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Are you a resident of Saba? *
Please write down five types of seafood you eat most often on Saba (From 1 to 5 in declining order of importance) *If you don't eat seafood go to the next question
What would be your reason not to eat (a certain) marine species?
Please write down five marine species that you think are commercially fished in Saba? (From 1 to 5 in declining order of importance)
Please cross yes, no or I don't know for each of the following questions:
I don't know
Do you think sharks are a sign of a healthy ecosystem?
Do you think shark loss could have a harmful effect to the marine environment?
Do you think that fishing other species could harm shark populations?
Do you think that some species of sharks may be currently endangered?
Do you think human presence and activities may influence shark behaviour?
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Please check yes, no or I don't know for each of the following statements:
I don't know
Sharks are commercially fished in Saba
Sharks are legally protected in Saba
Sharks are caught incidentally when fishing for other species in Saba
Shark meat is consumed on Saba
The coastal waters of Saba including the Saba bank are an important birth and mating area to sharks
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Complete the following sentence: "I consider sharks to be ......................... "
Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements:
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
Saba's sharks need to be protected
Sharks are good to eat
Sharks are of little use or importance to humans
I enjoy seeing sharks in the ocean
Sharks should be conserved because they have the right to exist
Sharks are a threat to humans
I am afraid of sharks
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Do you know what happens with sharks caught while fishing in Saba?
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Which of the above mentioned options would you prefer to happen?
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A shark is most valuable to Saba's economy when:
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What is your gender?
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What is your age?
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What is your highest level of formal education?
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What is your nationality?
What is your main profession?
How often do you swim in the sea? ...... (per month)
How often do you snorkel? ...... (per month)
How often do you dive? ..... (per month)
How often do you see a shark in the coastal waters of Saba? ..... (per year)
Thank you for completing the questionnaire! If you have any remarks please let me know :)
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